Stop micromanaging. Start coaching.

Thu Sep 10, 09:00 - Thu Sep 10, 10:00


Coaching in the workplace creates better outcomes for everyone. When coaching is used effectively, workplaces and lives can change for the better. 

Taking a coaching approach to conversations can result in: 

  • Higher levels of buy in & engagement 
  • Social cohesion with the team
  • Motivation beyond your ‘to-do’ list
  • Greater accountability in the work place

It doesn’t take a long term qualification to make use of some basic coaching techniques. In this one hour masterclass, you will:

  • Review some core coaching principles
  • Get some tips to bring coaching into your conversations immediately
  • Have a practical experience of coaching someone

Join Richard Jamieson to start implementing this vital skill in in your daily workplace engagements.

Richard Jamieson

Richard is the Head of Coaching at Lockstep. The early part of his work life was spent in corporate finance in London, before returning to Cape Town in 2006 and helping to set up the Democratic Alliance Leadership Academy. Since 2010 the majority of his time has been spent coaching and facilitating in businesses in South Africa and sub-Saharan Africa.

In his coaching and facilitation work, Richard aims to help his clients do good work and collaborate effectively.

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