Life In The Undergrowth

Sat Nov 7, 09:00 - Sat Nov 7, 11:00
Utopia Nature Estate


In this presentation, author, speaker and conservationist Jonathan Leeming, will take a look the fascinating array of creepy crawlies in the undergrowth at Utopia and surrounds. The focus will be on the smaller creatures that we are so familiar with (insects, arachnids, reptiles and other invertebrates), but know little about.

This 2 hour presentation also pieces together the jigsaw puzzle which is life in the undergrowth, and how we are a part of this jigsaw. How, every creature has a part of play in creating a an environment that gives us life!

This presentation focuses upon a number of small animals that can be found at Utopia and surrounding areas.

Bookings close 3rd November.

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Age restriction Family friendly
Refund policy No refunds


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