TinkerTime: Future Proof your Family September

Wed Sep 30, 14:00 - Wed Sep 30, 15:30

TinkerTime is a fun, interactive learning experience for kids ages 6-15!

Critical and Creative Thinking. Collaboration. Identifying and solving problems. Self-directed learners able to put initiative and action behind their ideas: These are some of the skills essential to our children's future success. They are what we practice during the TinkerTime workshops! In the months of August, September and October, we are going to draw creative inspiration from Nature for our workshops.

Practice the Essential Skills needed to successfully navigate the future, in a fun, hands-on environment. During a TinkerTime workshop, children learn to think critically and creatively, practice communication skills, problem solving and how to deal with conflict. Learn constructive ways to deal with constraints on time and materials, failure, frustration and being 'stuck'. How to give and receive constructive criticism to yourself and others, when to take the lead and when to support someone else are practiced in collaboration with siblings. These skills and more are facilitated via a hands-on engineering type challenge. Children will give and receive feedback on their work in the group. 

All your own children within this age range are very welcome to join in - your ticket covers all of them! We will use Zoom for this workshop.

The list of materials needed to participate in the workshop will be included again for your convenience, when I send you the log-in details.

Have questions? Please feel free to reach out to me: [email protected]

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In this video, I share helpful info around the learning environment created during a workshop, and how you can come alongside your children as they participate! 


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