Chain Smoking Sessions The Jam (Superband) Live @ Smoking Kills

Thu Oct 8, 19:30 - Thu Oct 8, 22:00
Smonking Kills Bar


11 Reason to come see this gig...

A real life Jam!

  1. The Last of Season 1 of Chain Smoking Sessions (season 2 coming right up...dont worry)
  2. This is a super band, they aren't actually a band, but check out this line up...
  3. Andre Kriel from BLACK CAT BONES
  4. Gareth Wilson from SOUTHERN GYPSEY QUEEN
  5. Frans Karoo from GUNSHOT BLUE
  6. Jacques Mollman from SHADOW CLUD
  7. Frans will be handing out incense sticks
  8. Its pretty much like watching Helen Zille play the blues...seriously check out Gareth Wilson and her...
  9. Jacque is super world wide famous and he's playing with those guys (Sorry Jacque)
  10. It will only cost R150 a person
  11. All the best homies will be there at this gig. Trust us.

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Age restriction No under 18s
Refund policy No refunds


Chain Smoking Sessions The Jam (Superband) Live @ Smoking Kills
Smonking Kills Bar
78A 4th Ave, Melville, Johannesburg, 2109
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