Chain Smoking Sessions Wolfgang Marrow Live @ Smoking Kills

Thu Oct 1, 19:30 - Thu Oct 1, 22:00
Smoking Kills Bar


10 Reason to come see this gig...

  1. Sandy wears super amazing outfits
  2. Louwkie is a real life rocket jokes
  3. No marrows were harmed in the making of this band
  4. There music is the best blues rock you'll see around
  5. Its phuza Thursday and its the right thing to do
  6. They are a real life Wolfgang, just like you while you read this. Good job.
  7. Its going to be capped at 40 people, so you will all have a front row seat
  8. Little surprises on arrival
  9. Support local artists by drinking rum at the Smoking Kills bar
  10. It will be super safe.

It will only cost R120 a person and it will be the best thing you have ever bought.

Wolfgang Marrow is what happens when four very different kids leave the playlist on shuffle - some kind of terrifying but homely soup. A dish blending blues , alternative rock and punk into a pantomime of storytelling and seance’s. The band has released two albums “Bad Advice” `(2015) , “Small Town Ghosts” (2019) and a new single “Thieve the Joy” (2020). Fronted by the tambourine-centric lyricist and vocalist Sandy Little and Guitar peddling song slinging Louwki Cronje. The Drums are played by the vicious Bernard Britz, lovingly known as Tiekie, and on Bass and keyboard we have the multi-talented “shy-guy”, Callie van Der Merwe.

Inspiration is taken from badly written poetry, bar fly advice and something they once read on the walls of a gas station toilet. Hailing from different small towns bordering around the Free State, WGM finds themselves in the big city (Joburg) where they have enjoyed an even bigger reach, allowing for more forms of debauchery.

Wolfgang Marrow is best enjoyed live and sweaty, in a small obscure pub - “paired well with red wine and hard times”.

Additional information

Age restriction No under 18s
Refund policy No refunds


Chain Smoking Sessions Wolfgang Marrow Live @ Smoking Kills
Smoking Kills Bar
78A 4th Ave, Melville, Johannesburg, 2109
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