Lauren/Jean - September 21day Spring Clean - LWG

Mon Aug 31, 15:00 - Sun Sep 27, 15:00
Online - Facebook - Whatsapp


Hi there, who wants to shape up and get focused on your body goals!


Join us for this new challenge with cash prizes for the best transformation!

Everyone who gets at least 1 Herbalife product / shake is welcome to join the Private FB group for the challenge but to be in for the cash prize - T&C’s apply. 

We’re excited to announce our - 21Day Challenge starting on the 7th of September 2020.  

Entry/Orders needs to be in by the 4 September 2020.                 


1. R50 entry fee goes towards the Cash prize                      

2. Minimum order 3 products for customers ( eg shake, aloe,tea or the best - 2 shakes and protein drink mix min)

3. Commitment for 21 days  

4.Take a before picture for the entry.  

5.Fill in your profile document

Message your coach for any questions and to get your personalized Program. 

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Refund policy No refunds


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