Ghosts Of South Africa Online - Episode 1 (Pilot) "Towering Tales"

Sat Sep 5, 20:00 - Sat Oct 31, 23:59

NOTE: Invite your friends and family now for a home picnic by candlelight, with cushions, snacks, and 'spirits' of another sort to drink. Please Share in SA, and Overseas (especially with Expats).





'High spirits & lots of fun'- Cape Argus (Mystery Ghost Bus). 'For the skeptic who says there's no such thing as ghosts, this event certainly gives them something to think about' - The Star (Mystery Ghost Bus).

For the first and limited time ever!! Want credible ghost stories instead of sensational TV? Has science provided answers, even of the afterlife at last? For the first & limited time only, the 20 year long-running ever-popular Mystery Ghost Bus of South Africa (now called the Mystery Ghost Jaunt), presents stories, new & old, from all over South Africa for the entire country to enjoy, with extra features like illusions, actual sightings, authentic photographs, world-leading parapsychologists like Dr. Rupert Sheldrake, and more.

Many who've taken the bus (and now the jaunt) have wanted to take it in all 7 cities where it runs, hear its new stories, or other stories from around the country. So, get out your cushions, candles, snacks & spirits of another sort for a picnic in your home. The president of the original Ghost Club of England, Peter Underwood, said in his day already, that to properly investigate the supernatural, one has to be a magician to detect hoaxes, a psychologist to discount hallucinations, and a scientific type of detective. Your host, celebrity paranormalist, and creator/owner of the Mystery Ghost Bus of South Africa, Mark Rose-Christie, is all three, and entertainer to boot.

So, expect escapist entertainment at its best, where about 5 minutes of the 1 hour video will deal with those who wish to email Mark with their own ghost stories HERE to discover which of the many types of ghosts they've encountered. For the video you will need a lamp switched on briefly to see the back of your hand for an optical trick that Mark will perform, or a torch (or use your cell phone's torch if it's bright enough).

View our Trailer here Please help fund our new project to travel around South Africa to collect new ghost stories, which is a costly exercise these days. The new stories will be added to our various types of live and online productions, and allow us to open up in additional cities.

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