Sacred Music and Dance Festival McGregor 2022

Fri Oct 14, 16:00 - Sat Oct 15, 22:00
Temenos Retreat Centre and Wisdom School

“It is in the sacred essence of sound and silence that true happiness is found”

Welcome to this great celebration of peace and unity. The Sacred Music and Dance Festival in McGregor, 14-16 October 2022, is born out of a deep love for music, spirituality, humanity, and a reverence for all of life. In those rare moments of recognising that it is that great Love which is present behind all that exists, one experiences a kind of ecstasy. So it is with the experience of sacred music and dance in the unity of community, the unity of being. In such moments it is the soul which is dancing.


This festival is a celebration of all spiritual paths. The time we find ourselves in at present reveals that there is a greater need than ever before to find common ground, to unite and bring peace to the world. By coming together we can learn about, open to, and sing and dance the unity of creation, while respecting and honouring each unique spiritual path toward the One. This is a journey of creativity and joy through sharing heart songs, simple chants, and peace dances accompanied by live music. Various facilitators, local as well as international, will lead us in dances and songs from various traditions. One is welcome to participate as much or as little as one wishes. There will also be performances which encompass everything from African to Eastern and in between. We have endeavoured to involve the local community and will have choirs from McGregor, Ashton and Robertson. For a more detailed list of events please see below.

Coming together in community for the weekend in celebration of life doesn’t mean there aren’t opportunities or spaces for quiet contemplation. On the contrary, our venues have unique spaces for being alone in meditation. And the “Garden of the Beloved” at Temenos is renowned for its beauty, its shrines, and hidden treasures.


Our very special venues for this event are Temenos Retreat Centre and the Wisdom School in the village of McGregor, Western Cape, South Africa. McGregor is approximately 2 hours drive from Cape Town. So please do join us in this coming together for an amazing weekend of sacred music and dance, a place to meet like-hearted souls.

* The festival is a not-for-profit event. Ticket prices have been kept to a minimum to allow people with all size pockets to attend.


Please note that ticket prices exclude accommodation. Space is limited so it is advisable to book early.

* If you are able to sponsor an extra ticket for someone without the financial means to attend but would love to be there, our deep gratitude to you!

ACCOMMODATION of all sorts is available, including on farms or camping. Contact McGregor Tourism at [email protected] tel. 27 23 625 1954 or Robertson Tourism at [email protected] tel. 27 23 626 4437.

If you can’t find what you are looking for please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Harold: [email protected]

This event is about community, healing, sharing, honouring, loving, co-creation, spirit, beauty, and most of all the positively transformative energy of sacred music and dance. Wonderful that you are part of this beautiful journey we are creating together.

Healing the world one song at a time


  • Desert Rose - Internationally renowned devotional music
  • Nusaybah - Ancient court dance from the Buddhist Sriwijay Kingdom, Sumatra
  • Crallan - A sonic bridge between the seen and unseen. Soulful depth
  • Ancient Voices - Indigenous African music and story
  • Zolani Youth Choir - Dynamic vibrance and harmony


  • Songs of Light - Ashleigh Forest
  • Dances of Universal Peace - Anja and Harold
  • Gong Meditation - Ainsley Taylor
  • Songs and Rounds Honouring All Spiritual Traditions - Patricia Hall
  • Shakti Flow - Dance with Maya Haripal
  • Kirtans, Chants for the Chakras - Swami Vidyananda
  • African Medicine Wheel Ceremony - Christel Anderson
  • Monochord Meditation - Anja
  • Sacred Song Circle - Shannon Pam
  • Dances of the World - Sacred Feminine, Gypsy, etc. - Fleur Barragan
  • Peace Dancing - Phil, Lambert, Dru, Yvonne
  • Jewish Songs and Chants - Harold and Anja and friends
  • Hang and Percussion - Deon

And more!

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Sacred Music and Dance Festival McGregor 2022
Temenos Retreat Centre and Wisdom School
Cr Bree Street &, Voortrekker St, Mcgregor, McGregor, 6708
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