Online - Passive Income FastStart

Mon Nov 16, 14:00 - Mon Nov 16, 16:00
Online Webinar


Attend this online modular series and explore the tools and strategies developed by Conray Labuschagne, the passive income master

Seminar Topics Include:

Module #01

The Exchange of Time for Money (Worth $197) 

Module #02 (Coaching Session):

Secure Financial Stability & Financial Acceleration (Worth $297)

Module #03:

Passive Income Budget & Growth Strategies Short & Long-term (Worth $397)

Module #04 (Coaching Session):

Personalized Strategies for Achieving Passive Income (Worth $697)

Module #05:

Tools for Achieving Financial Security and Pathway to Financial Freedom (Worth $497)

Module #06 (Coaching Session):

Setting Personalized Roadmap towards Financial Freedom (Worth $197)

Module #07:

Financial Freedom Progress Tracker (Worth $19.97)

Module #08 (Coaching Session):

Optimizing Passive Income Business Strategies (Worth $397)

Module #09:

Mindset Tools for achieving Leverage & Compounding ($97)

Module #10 (Coaching Session):

Using and leveraging other people’s skills, time & money (Worth $49)

Module #11:

Earning Passive Income Online from Home (Worth $597)

Module #12 (Coaching Session):

System which creates Rapid Wealth and Financial Freedom (Worth $697)

What you will learn:

  • Basic Finances
  • Upcoming Economic Crisis – How to Position & Benefit
  • How to SUCCEED despite Coronavirus & Protect Income & Finances
  • Devaluation of Buying Capacity – Beat Inflation
  • Basics of cryptocurrency 
  • What is cryptocurrency?
  • Why cryptocurrency?
  • How to get started in financial security
  • Role of Gold in Wealth Plan
  • First x3 PASSIVE INCOME Modules
  • x2 Capital Growth Modules
  • How to TRANSITION into Business Owner with HIGH Leverage & Compounding Benefit with minimal input
  • 10. Leverage & Compounding to Financial Freedom 
  • 11. Investor Mindset
  • 12. Cryptocurrency 
  • Exchanges 
  • Wallets 
  • Security

These events are the perfect opportunity to further your financial education.

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