Mandisi Dyantyis - Imvelaphi "Origin, Heritage and Culture"

Thu Sep 24, 19:00 - Mon Oct 5, 20:00


In honour of Heritage Day, we will feature a special show entitled Imvelaphi "Origin, Heritage and Culture"

This is the third episode of the Mandisi Dyantyis "Conversation Series" which is part of the five episodes that will feature over the upcoming month’s “Conversation Series”.

Marcus Garvey says "A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture, is like a tree without roots"

Getano Lui says "Maintaining ones culture, values and traditions, is beyond price" Maya Angelou says "The more you now about your history, the more liberated you are" and Mahatma Gandhi says "A nation's culture resides in the hearts and the soul of its people."

Powered by the heart beat and the roots of African music, Mandisi and his full band will perform songs inspired by the traditional stories that shape our being, with a personal homage to the giants, whose shoulders we stand on. These songs will be chosen from the Mandisi Dyantyis catalogue as well as from other story-tellers who have come before.

This concert will be streamed to your home on Thursday, 24th September 2020 at 7pm.

Please note that this concert will not be available as a free Youtube screening after the event is over. It will possibly be available for a paid re-stream if there is a demand.

We would like to thank Youngblood Africa for the use of their beautiful space. The Concert will be recorded Live at Youngblood Africa Art Gallery, Cape Town [Costs are R85 - per household - bookings at Quicket]

Mandisi Dyantyis [vocals and trumpet] Steve De Souza [double bass] Blake Hellaby [piano] Lumanyano Mzi [drums]

Buddy Wells [saxophone] and Gavin Minter [Percussion]

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