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When you were younger did you have a teddy bear or another cherished possession? Did you hold it, talk to it, hug it close? Did it comfort you, give you courage? If you couldn’t find it, did you turn everything upside down looking for it? Teddy Bears remind us of a childlike faith. They remind us of the sense of security and comfort we gained simply by their presence. God loves us more than any beloved child’s possession. And His constant companionship reminds us of the comfort, the security, and love that can only be found in Him.

Teddy’s goal is to reach as many children around the world as possible, spreading the love and Grace of Jesus Christ bearing John 3:16 in his heart.

Teddy’s vision is to “Bear Witness of the sacrificial love, comfort and encouragement of Jesus Christ, one child at a time.

TEDDY not only brings comfort to people suffering from physical, mental, or spiritual stress but also share the Gospel with children. TEDDY thus represent our love and caring as a ministry. Teddy always leave a gift, wrapped with this prayer:

Father, we pray that TEDDY, which is given in the name of Christ, convey our love and care and support as Your people. Give the receiver a sense of your presence and your love, courage and peace, and your healing power, be their need that of body, mind, or spirit. This we pray, Father, in the name of Jesus Christ, our Saviour and our living Lord. Amen.


Your support by donating or supplying us with “Teddy Bears” can help us reach children across the globe. Supplying a Teddy to a child may have a live changing effect.

What happens when you Sponsor a Teddy?

When TEDDY arrive from their sponsors, he’s consecrated in our worship service. TEDDY and his team members are then sent out on his mission with a note explaining that:

"Teddy has been among Cloud Ministries and heard the Word of God, read the Word of God, prayed prayers, sung praises and listened to sermons preached. Teddy has been given love, and has loved others. Now it comes to you, with the same blessings of worship, Hope and Love."

“Bear witness of the light that all may believe” (John 1:7)


The Teddy Project was started in 2018 with the goal of connecting young children in different cultures across the globe teaching them about the love of Jesus Christ. This year Teddy is supporting four missionary outreaches to help spread the Good news around the globe!

Teddy shares God’s Love, Care, and Comfort. Each Teddy has a tag that shares the story of Jesus Christ & reflects the love of the Messiah. “Teddy has been among many young children in South Africa, Lesotho, Mozambique and Thailand. During his visits at local ministries and churches, Teddy heard the Word of God, read the Word of God, prayed prayers, sung praises and listened to sermons that was preached. Teddy has been loved by fellow Christians and experienced God’s love first hand. It now comes to you with a message of Hope, blessings of worship and love.”

Teddy interact with children by engaging in practical activities through playing specific educational games. Games varies between Back-to-Back Teddy Race, Teddy Dodge Ball, Teddy Rescue, Teddy Volleyball and That’s My Teddy.

Teddy engage spiritually by focusing on topics such as Love, Value, Comfort and security. Time is spent exploring and studying Scripture.

Teddy's’ support is visible through four missionary outreaches in South Africa, Lesotho, Mozambique and Thailand.

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