Wednesday Woman's Hike - Hedianga Farm - Pretoria East - 7th October - 2020

Wed Oct 7, 08:00 - Wed Oct 7, 11:00
Hedianga Farm


Situated to the east of Pretoria on the Bronberg section of the Magaliesberg, Hedianga Farm promises an exciting hiking experience. The farm encompasses an area of 140ha, mostly on the north facing slopes of the bronberge overlooking Shere and Silverlakes.

Hike Distance: 10km

Hike Difficulty: Moderate

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Cost: R 75.00 pp

Pin location will be posted on our WA Group:


Registration: from 7.30am

Hike Start: 8am

How to find us:

Look for the banners.

NB! COVID-19 Rules:

Maintain at least 2 meters between hikers.

Wear a face mask or buff. No physical contact.


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NO REFUNDS - Substitutes at no cost allowed.

Activity dependent on weather and/or water conditions.

Contact: Sandra / 083 461 6102 / [email protected] /

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