Klassique Baroque Festival

Thu Oct 1, 18:00 - Sat Oct 31, 23:59

A digital classical music concert series presented by Klein Karoo Klassique and the Cape Town Baroque Festival, supported by the Rupert Music Foundation.

The first of four concerts will premiere on Thursday 1 October 2020 and each week a new concert will be released.

Each concert will be available from 18:00 on the Thursday until the 31st of October.

Performances can be viewed at any point during this time, and ticket sales is still open until 31 October.

The ticket price is R300 for the package to view all four concerts, or R100 per individual concert.

  • VOD stands for Video on Demand (recording of the show after initial release).
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Misshapen Pearls
With Lynelle Kenned (soprano), Ralitza Macheva (Baroque violin), Refiloe Olifant (Baroque violin) and Erik Dippenaar (harpsichord)
The term barocco was originally used by 17th century jewellers to describe a misshapen pearl. It was used from the mid-18th century, when a simpler style of music became popular, to refer to the perceived imperfection, bizarreness, and grotesqueness of music from the Baroque. Camerata Tinta Barocca presents this exciting programme, which focuses on the stark contrasts found in Baroque music, leaning on the idea of chiaroscuro (light-dark), as well as exploring the improvisational aspect of music from this period, which was intrinsically part of the aesthetic.
Met Lynelle Kenned (sopraan), Ralitza Macheva (barokviool), Refiloe Olifant (barokviool) en Erik Dippenaar (klavesimbel)
Die term barocco is oorspronklik deur 17de-eeuse juweliers gebruik om ’n misvormde pêrel te beskryf. Sedert die middel van die 18de eeu, toe ’n eenvoudiger styl van musiek gewild geword het, is dit gebruik om te verwys na die waargenome onvolmaaktheid, bisarheid en groteskheid van musiek uit die Barok. Camerata Tinta Barocca se opwindende program fokus op die sterk kontraste in barokmusiek en leun op die idee van chiaroscuro (lig-donker), asook die improvisasie-aspek van musiek uit hierdie tydperk, wat intrinsiek deel van die estetika vorm.
45 min.
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Haydn in London
With Liesl Stoltz (flute), Refiloe Olifant (violin 1), Bonolo Kgaile (violin 2), Lynn Rudolph (viola), Cheryl de Havilland (cello), Mariechen Meyer (double bass) and Erik Dippenaar (harpsichord)
In 1795 and 1796 the London-based impresario and orchestral leader, Johann Peter Salomon (1745-1815), bought the rights to the twelve so-called London symphonies, which Joseph Haydn (1732-1809) composed for performances in London. Subsequently, Salomon arranged all twelve symphonies for a chamber combination of flute and string quartet, with optional parts for keyboard and/or double bass. Members of Camerata Tinta Barocca present one of these symphonies in Salomon’s transcription: the well-loved Surprise Symphony. The programme is supplemented by CPE Bach’s Hamburger Sonata for flute and continuo, first published in 1786. During his formative years, Haydn meticulously studied the music of CPE Bach (1714-1788), which had a considerable influence on his later compositional style. 
Met Liesl Stoltz (dwarsfluit), Refiloe Olifant (eerste viool), Bonolo Kgaile (tweede viool), Lynn Rudolph (altviool), Cheryl de Havilland (tjello), Mariechen Meyer (kontrabas) en Erik Dippenaar (klavesimbel)
Die Londense impresario en orkesleier, Johann Peter Salomon (1745-1815), het in 1795 en 1796 die regte gekoop vir die twaalf sogenaamde Londen-simfonieë, wat Joseph Haydn (1732-1809) vir optredes in Londen gekomponeer het. Salomon het, ná die aankoop, al twaalf simfonieë verwerk vir dwarsfluit en strykkwartet, met opsionele parte vir klawerbord en/of kontrabas. Lede van Camerata Tinta Barocca voer een van Salomon se transkripsies uit: die geliefde Surprise Symphony. Die program word aangevul deur CPE Bach se Hamburger Sonate vir dwarsfluit en continuo, wat die eerste keer in 1786 gepubliseer is. Haydn het tydens sy vormingsjare die musiek van CPE Bach (1714-1788) noukeurig bestudeer en dit het ’n groot invloed op sy latere komposisiestyl gehad.
45 min.
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With Esthea Kruger (piano) and Janel Speelman (soprano)
Janel Speelman and Esthea Kruger present a programme of lieder and solo piano music by Robert Schumann (1810-1856). All the lieder in this programme date from 1840, Schumann’s so-called Liederjahr, the year he married Clara Wieck. This includes songs from the song cycles Myrthen Op. 25 and Liederkreis Op. 39. Kruger also performs the Sonata No. 2 in G Minor Op. 22, of which the second movement is based on one of the lieder in this programme, Im Herbste.
*With a special Fiazioli piano, made possible by Ian Burgess-Simpson Pianos.
Met Esthea Kruger (klavier) en Janel Speelman (sopraan)
Janel Speelman en Esthea Kruger bied ’n program van lieder en musiek vir solo-klavier deur Robert Schumann (1810-1856) aan. Al die lieder in hierdie program dateer uit 1840, Schumann se sogenaamde Liederjahr, ook die jaar waarin hy met Clara Wieck getrou het. Dit sluit lieder uit die liedsiklus Myrthen Op. 25 en Liederkreis Op. 39 in. Kruger voer ook die Sonate no. 2 in G-mineur Op. 22 uit. Die tweede beweging van dié werk is gebaseer op Im Herbste, een van die lieder in hierdie program.
*Met 'n spesiale Fiazioli-klavier, moontlik gemaak deur Ian Burgess-Simpson Pianos.
45 min.
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Histoire du Tango
With Bridget Rennie-Salonen (flute) and James Grace (guitar)
The highly acclaimed Zomari Duo presents a varied recital with an exciting South American repertoire for flute and guitar, revolving around the iconic work by Astor Piazzolla (1921-1992), L’histoire du tango. Also featured are works by Brazilian composer Celso Machado (1953-) and Argentinean Máximo Diego Pujol (1957-).
Met Bridget Rennie-Salonen (dwarsfluit) en James Grace (kitaar)
Die hoogaangeskrewe Zomari Duo lewer ’n uiteenlopende uitvoering van opwindende musiek uit Suid-Amerika vir dwarsfluit en kitaar. Die program gebruik die ikoniese werk van Astor Piazzolla (1921-1992), L'histoire du tango, as vertrekpunt. Dit bevat ook werke van die Brasiliaanse komponis Celso Machado (1953-) en die Argentyn Máximo Diego Pujol (1957-).
45 min.

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