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Mon Aug 17, 08:00 - Fri Dec 18, 15:00
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Personal Mastery “Personal mastery is the discipline of continually clarifying  and  deepening  our personal vision,  of focusing our energies, of developing patience, and of seeing reality objectively. People with a high level of personal mastery are able to consistently realize the results that matter most deeply to them.” Peter Senge Session 1 (2 hours) 7 Pathways to Personal Mastery 1. Personal Vision 2. Personal Purpose 3. Personal Values Homework – Write your own personal vision, purpose and complete the personal vision exercise Session 2 (2 hours) 4. Personal Alignment 5. Personal Perception 6. Personal Awareness 7. Personal Transformation Homework – complete the assignment on the above Session 3 (2 hours) A Mater of Mindfulness The Practice of Personal Mastery The Johari Window Locus of Control The Power of Gratitude and the Meaning of Life Homework - complete the Johari Window questionnaire, do the Locus of Control Circle Reflection Activity – Delegates to do a reflection activity after the training To register with us, send email for the above training: [email protected] Learn & Lead  

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