Break-Ups, Date-Ups, and everything in between by Andries & Simoné Pretorius

Fri Aug 21, 08:00 - Mon Aug 24, 23:45


“I remember whilst we were dating how many times I wished there was some sort of clear cut manual in the Bible on dating and relationships. Like, why couldn’t Paul just include a book on it in between Galatians and Ephesians!

Our dating journey was complicated. I wanted to get married after five months and Andries was afraid of marriage after his parents’ divorce. We started dating at the end of 2014. We broke up twice. We eventually navigated the rough waters of dating through a lot of wisdom, input, accountability, counsel and prayer and we’ve been joyfully married for more than a year. But, we know, #itscomplicated!

We might not be experts in marriage (yet), but we love Love and the mystery it involves, especially when it comes to those super grey and confusing areas in dating.

Join us for “Break-Ups, Date-Ups, and everything in between” - an evening of answering all your relationship questions from, “Is there something like The One”, to the topics of boundaries, sex and shame, break-ups, forgiveness, trust, and glimpses into our own personal journeys towards the best thing God created under the sun - MARRIAGE.”

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