A Home Called Vogue

Fri Aug 14, 14:00 - Thu Dec 31, 23:00


A Home Called Vogue is the latest documentary film by Yazeed Kamaldien. It focuses on the ballroom scene, a safe space for people who otherwise face discrimination for being 'different'.

Interviews with the film's main characters were conducted in Cape Town, New York and Los Angeles. Participants and protagonists in the ballroom community speak about why they organise balls and teach the scene's famous dance styles such as Vogue. This dance style gained widespread popularity with singer Madonna's song Vogue. Among the characters in this film is Luis Camacho, a Vogue dancer who appeared in this music video.

Also featured in the film is Slim Xtravaganza, one of the actors in the famous Netflix TV series POSE. And there's Kirvan Fortuin, a South African dancer and choreographer from Macassar in the Western Cape who was murdered in June 2020.


This version being screened online is the rough cut of the film at just over 40 minutes -- a first peek -- to raise funds for its post-production expenses, including an online edit, colour grade, sound mix and paying for original music for the film. Apart from purchasing a ticket, anyone willing to offer financially to these expenses may do so via a donation when purchasing a ticket, or contact the filmmaker directly via [email protected]

Persons who donate to the post-production expenses will get a credit in the THANK YOU listing at the end of the film. Please send an email with your info and donation receipt if made on this website to [email protected]

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