Family friendly

Kurt Schoonraad presents Living with the German

Sat Sep 12, 19:30 - Mon Oct 12, 23:45

Event is online



First - for those who didn' get it yet ! This is an online show! Wherever you are in the world , you can buy a ticket and live stream on the evening.

And if you are in a different timezone, you can buy the ticket and watch it whenever you smaak until the 12th of October 2020!

A Comedy show about the funny side of a culture clash. 

As if cohabitation between a man and a woman isn't difficult enough, add two contrasting cultures trying to learn about each other in the multi-cultural epicenter of Cape Town and you have a laugh-a-minute show.

Within the current international obsession of who is right and who is wrong dominating our media, this show explores who all human beings are, at the core, the same - they just have different skin tones, languages, passports and ideas of appropriate footwear.

“LIVING WITH THE GERMAN” is based on Kurt Schoonraad’s 20 year relationship with his German partner. He shares the misunderstandings, the stories, the contrasts as they try to make sense of this crazy modern world and each other. 

Born and bred in South Africa, the epicenter of multicultural co-habitation, “LIVING WITH THE GERMAN” looks at why sometimes the high of domestic bliss – in any culture - is nothing more than learning to love the very pink, very fluffy slippers you got for Christmas. 

Anyone who has ever been in a relationship will find Kurt Schoonraad’s take on human interactions, both in and out of love, funny and often think “Oh my word! I have done that.”

Because of our differences, we actually have so much more to celebrate. It is Kurt's personal perspective and understanding and his uniquely accessible comedy-style that make his show “LIVING WITH THE GERMAN” universal.