The Courage to Grieve

Fri Aug 14, 10:00 - Fri Aug 14, 11:00


Everyone experiences grief and loss to varying degrees and at some point in their lives. A useful lens to use while exploring the impact of a loss is to explore the bio-psycho-social-spiritual (biological, psychological, social and spiritual) areas of a persons life and how they may be affected during the grieving process. 

Grief changes you.

It reaches into your chest and squeezes your heart until you feel like you might die.

It creeps into your lungs and suffocates you making it so hard to breathe.

It infiltrates your brain making you foggy and absent-minded and heavy-headed.

It wreaks havoc with your tummy leaving an endless feeling of awfulness in the pit of it.

It grabs hold of your limbs tying them up, making it hard to move, making them heavy

It gets stuck in your throat making it hard to get the words out, to get the tears out.

Grief changes you... the world feels different... you are different.

Join me in conversation with colleague and friend, Clinical Psychologist, Dr Ottilia Brown on The Courage to Grieve. 

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