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We are a voluntary association of ratepayers in Tshwane who share our skills and time to do what no political party does or have ever done for us, to do basic oversight over how we are taxed and how public funds are spent.

Our objective is to hold government to account, to save you and ourselves from the predatory rates and taxes imposed on us without ever an affordability study being done on you and us  who are called upon to pay those rates and taxes, by optimising city government functions and service delivery.

Our people are all volunteers, they donate their time, skills and money to make this effort work.

The return on that investment  we seek is to keep your rates and taxes reasonable and to receive a reasonable level of municipal services.

This is not a political mission. We critique whoever is in power. We do what those in power do not do because they represent their parties before the people who elected them. 

You are likely have come across our media releases and interviews since 2017 when we were formed critiquing all matters of city finance, spending and calling out of government on the cost of corruption. We have been doing this for some time and with some quiet success. And we have grown in this time with more ratepayers getting on board to support our mission and contribute their skills, time and donations.

Together with owners of agricultural land we have formed the Alas! Tshwane consortium to oppose the predatory practice of unlawfully categorising agricultural land as “residential” to impose a 400% higher property rate tax on farmers.

The Tshwane Money Matters Caucus and Alas! Tshwane are now together taking on the Administrator of the City of Tshwane for adopting an annual budget that is unconstitutional, for imposing rates that are unlawful, predatory and unaffordable and for adopting a Valuation Roll that is skewed and unfairly burden targeted groups.

We need your assistance.

If you have any special skill or knowledge about municipal affairs, please contact any of our group administrators to discuss how you can get involved and contribute. We are looking at forming more oversight sub-committees to take a deep-dive look at specific aspects of  city government, but to do that we need skills.

We also need donations to help us defray the costs of keeping this all going. Right now we need contributions to the legal costs of our urgent application to have the Valuation Roll and the Budget set aside.

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