If Lockdown Was a Person

Sat Sep 5, 20:00 - Tue Sep 8, 21:00


Stand-up Comedian, Dalin Oliver, is back with more laughs in his debut online comedy show, “If Lockdown Was A Person”.

Adulting has never been more complicated for the Retreat born, Good Hope FM Breakfast Sports Presenter as he figures out life in the new normal. Throw growing his hair and moustache into to the mix, the result? A whole new person who could be the poster child for... "is alles oryt byrie huis? " or like those from the suburbs or overseas would say “is everything okay at home”.

So round up all of your WhatsApp groups; from the family, to the neighbourhood watch, to your work colleagues, to the runners who run, to the hikers who hike, to the huggers who can’t hug, to the smokers who can’t smoke, to the group you didn’t even know you were part of and to all your brasse around the world!

We're LIVE and ONLINE and binne in your internet on Saturday 5 September 2020 at 20:00!

See you then and thanks for supporting SA Comedy – Awe!

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