Kids Soup Kitchen

Fri Jul 31, 15:00 - Thu Dec 31, 15:00


As you all know things were difficult before lockdown for many people in South Africa. However since lockdown and with so many business closing, there is even more unemployment and the situation is rather dire.

Children are literally going hungry. My Children together with the neighbours' children have started a soup programme. Isa Klaasen is focusing on Kayamandi and Sebastian Schliemann is focusing on Lanquedoc and Kylemore.Together they make the soup and deliver it. For some of the children it is their only meal of the day. Soo terribly sad.......

Every little donation helps so please if you would like to assist, it will help them to grow their project, as things do not look like they will become easier any time soon.

It is soo appreciated.

Many thanks

The Kids Soup Kitchen

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