Ultimate Ladies Self Defense: TBD

Sun Aug 9, 09:00 - Sun Aug 9, 11:30
Ultimate Fitness


Women, now more than ever, need to be able to protect themselves from potential attackers. With rising numbers of attacks against females, it is important to take every necessary precaution to protect yourself. Defending one’s self from an attack delivered by a much bigger and stronger person is not easy, but when they also have the element of surprise - you are in even more danger.

On Point Protection Skills International (OPPS) has been helping women in Canada and South Africa develop confidence in their ability to defend themselves in real life situations with our Ladies Self Defense Course. Vincent May, used his experience as a Martial Artist, street violence Survivor, former member of the South African Police force and Security Professional to develop a self defense system that works.

With the OPPS Self Defense System, we teach women how to stop an assailant in their tracks using minimal force or strength. By the end of the class, you will learn how to subdue an assailant stronger than you or put them on the ground within 2.5 seconds using one of OPPS Self Defense System techniques. Regardless of your size, strength or lack of training - we teach our students 4 key rules from the OPPS Self Defense System that could save your life.

We are confident in the OPPS Self Defense System and the techniques we use, which is why we offer a money back guarantee - if you can’t subdue most assailants stronger than you or put them on the ground within 2.5 seconds, you get your money back!

Female Instructors will be present.


  • To bring a known female partner to train with. This is imperative.
  • To dress weather appropriate and comfortable.
  • Bring PPE to follow Covid-19 regulations
  • Arrive half hour early to be screened
  • Bring a change of clothes to change into prior to training
  • Avoid attending any public spaces prior to the training
  • To bring non-alcoholic beverages and food for yourself


  • True Situational Awareness

  • Mental preparation towards incidents

  • Domestic and Street Defense

  • Control Resources & Devices

  • Hostage Situation

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Ultimate Ladies Self Defense: TBD
Ultimate Fitness
47 Van Riebeeck Ave, Edenvale, 1609
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