UnLearning Workshop

Thu Aug 27, 15:00 - Thu Aug 27, 16:30

Event is online


Are you struggling to motivate your team as you navigate unchartered terrains? Do you know what you need to do, but not too sure how to get there?

This will be an interactive session of UnLearning tips and tricks for transitioning teams such as yours. The workshop will present you with tools to share with your team, enabling them to thrive in these ambiguous times and transition through the following:

* Working from home (remote working)

* Going back to the office

* Salary cuts

* Redundancy 

* Leadership changes

We will spend an hour and a half (3pm - 4:30pm) understanding what makes transitions successful and the role that UnLearning plays. We will also look at why some organisations fail at transitioning and why other succeed. 

In between engaging stories, attendees will take part in gripping, ambiguous activities and exercises to assist their teams unlearn and become adaptive and future-fit.