The One About Showing Up For Others And For Yourself

Wed Aug 19, 18:00 - Wed Aug 19, 19:00


If you believe that showing up for yourself and others is the new self-care, then you have to join us live in convo with author Rachel Wilkerson Miller. Rachel has just written her second book, The Art Of Showing Up – best described as friendship in the Age Of Flakiness. She says: “When it comes to adult friendships, we're woefully inept - we barely manage to show up for our own commitments, let alone maintain our relationships. We're experiencing a loneliness epidemic: it's an uncharted social landscape where actual phone calls are reserved for your mum (if anyone), 'dropping in' is unheard of and 'flaking out' is routine.”

So, where to from here, Hustlers? Rachel offers a roadmap in her new book and a space for true connection with your family and friends – and also yourself. Danielle Weakley will be in conversation with her talking about Rachel’s understanding of showing up, which to her means connecting with others in a way that makes them feel seen and supported. And, we could all do with a dose of that in this wild ride of a year, right?!

But nothing is ever that simple, so Danielle and Rachel will also be discussing how you can show up for yourself, recognise your needs and, importantly, practise kindness and compassion to yourself.

As always, we will leave time for a few audience questions at the end and if you would like to read Rachel’s book in advance of our next Social Club, then you can use this link to buy:

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