Roots Up Sessions present Nipho Hurd at Humble Coffee

Sat Aug 1, 20:30 - Sat Aug 8, 20:30


Roots Up Session is back!

This time around we are very stoked to bring you Nipho Hurd!

Nipho is an amazingly talented individual that we have all the time in the world for. When she's not hitting you in the feels with her music, she's hosting dope events or thrifting some tasty threads (check out TINZ Clothing online). All of this aside, she is one of our favourite people in the world so you should totally tune in to her live performance. And she's bringing the band :)

Thanks once again to our gracious hosts, Humble Coffee. If you are into coffee then a visit to Humble is a must. They trade Monday to Saturday 07:00 - 14:00 so pop in and give Amy and her team some much deserved support :)