20/20 Entertainment in Containment presents “Sun-Transfusion”

Fri Oct 16, 20:00 - Thu Oct 22, 23:00


20/20 Entertainment in Containment presents "Sun-Transfusion"”

20/20 vision in the year 2020

Biblioteek Productions presents twenty Classical inter-disciplinary online projects of twenty minutes each. Nearly sixty freelance artists from all spheres of the creative and arts industry are involved in this exciting project. These mini-productions will be rolled out each week from 10 July. Join us in this online revolution, where we continue to bring boundary shifting classical music to you.

"In this audiovisual piece, we will be looking at the metaphorical connections between plant life and "queerness". By watching a plant grow over time there are things we notice - things that nature has learnt, becoming inherent for survival. Human beings have done the same. We will portray the historical struggles of the queer community and the fruit it has bearded today, through a conversation between music and visuals that strives to entice mixed feelings about what comes with darkness and light, struggle, resilience, change, adaptability and growth. 

Everyone will move towards warmth, safety and loving energies.This is human instinct - an instinct we share with the plants around us. When you move a plant into a different environment, you'll notice that no matter what, its leaves will twist and turn to find the biggest slither of sun it can in order to survive. Fortunately, some of us today are able to find this safe space somehow. We have loving families and friends that support us no matter who we are and what new things we discover about ourselves. This is hugely thanks to the LGBTQIA+ community that fought for our rights before us, and paved what is now a growing, supportive queer community.Historically, there have been cases of hidden as well as outright queerness, even in the classical music world. We draw inspiration from these musicians throughout our art piece.

Through this audiovisual piece, we will draw from both of our personal experiences as young, queer South African womxn, as well as express our immense gratitude for the queer communities that came before us. We are no longer afraid of starting this conversation in the classical world, as we use music and art to express ourselves in the only way we know how - to move in the direction of the sun, and hopefully pull some out of the dark by inviting them to grow alongside us."


23 October - Magdalena de Vries “Dance Dialogue”

30 October - Maryke Johnson & Rivandu Swanepoel: “Tours de Temps / Moving Debussy”

6 November - Luca Hart: "Just for today"

13 November - Jonathan Blair, Dorette Roos & Carina Bruwer “Gacela of the Dark Death”

20 November - The Yellowwood String Duo “Woodland Trails”

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