Do Not Let Cancel Culture Win



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Over the lockdown (Level 4), I was let go from the only paying gig that I had during lockdown. Not because of my performance, not because I was unprofessional, not for any reason besides the fact that someone did not like my political views. 

It is important to note here that I never mentioned any of my political views during said gig.

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It is this Cancel Culture that can affect so many lives. 

This type of behaviour needs to stop. 

I am NOT asking anyone to “Cancel” the individual that did this to me. 

PLEASE! Leave her alone. That is the behaviour that I am trying to fight against. We cannot fight cancel culture with cancel culture. 

The only way to fight this now, is in the courts. 

If I do not attempt to go to court, Cancel Culture wins. 

She may leave me alone, but what about someone else she doesn’t like or agree with? 

What about all the other Woke and Social Justice warriors out there who will see that they can Cancel someone with no consequences?

I am well within my rights. There is a reason why defamation exists in the law. 

So please, help me fight this. 

Any amount will help.

I know that we are experiencing tough times right now, which is why I say, even if you cannot donate, please share this page. Let my story get out there so that others who have gone through the same experience I have may have the courage to stand up against Cancel Culture especially if they did nothing wrong in the first place. 

We cannot let Cancel Culture win. 

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