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These days every running event is called “virtual”, however the running is still real! So, let’s be different and call this The Real Gratitude Run (TRGR). Something real making a real difference in the lives of people who really need it. There is currently a lot of division in the world (e.g. USA and SA), so let us bring SA (individuals, businesses, schools) and perhaps even the world together for a good cause. Although we can’t come together in one location, we can still make a huge difference together!

Event launch video:

How will we verify/confirm the details of the runs?:

D4D ( will publish the leaderboards in each category after the event.

The R119 entry fee is to remind us of how Covid-19 has affected the entire world and that we are in this together

Our hope is that all of you will help us to promote this event throughout South Africa and the World and that people who still have something to give to those in need, will open their hearts through a donation towards our cause.

We have created many different categories of participation, for individuals and teams, so there should really be something for everyone!

TRGR | Further | A distance challenge with three (3) categories:

  • 12 hours (06h00 - 18h00)
  • 6 hours (07h00 - 13h00)
  • 3 hours (07h00 - 10h00)

… for Individuals and Teams (Businesses, Organisations and Schools). Relay teams of minimum 6 and maximum 20 per team. Prizes for individuals and teams going the furthest in 12, 6 and 3 hours. Special recognition for schools/businesses/organisations with the most entries and the most combined km's completed. The times above is a suggestion only.

TRGR | Higher | An elevation challenge for individuals with three (3) categories:

  • Most elevation meters in a 12-hour period (06h00 - 18h00). Rake up as many elevation meters as you can in 12-hours to be the one at the top!
  • The Mafadi Challenge: Mafadi is the highest peak in South Africa at 3,450 meters. Who can be the quickest to complete an elevation gain of 3,450 meters?
  • The Table Mountain Challenge: At 1,084 meters high, who will be the “quickest to the top”?

TRGR | Quicker | For the traditional runners among us! A time challenge for individuals with five (5) categories. Select your distance and show us your speed! Benchmark against others or simply go for a personal best! Choose from the following distances:

  • One miler (1,609 meters)   
  • 5 km
  • 10 km
  • 21.1 km (Half Marathon)
  • 42.2 km (Marathon)

TRGR | Creative | Something different. A running art challenge for individuals with three (3) categories:

  • Animals
  • Transport
  • Open 

Use your tracking device and/or running tracking app to create some awesome art. Articles on the following websites, contain some inspirational ideas:

We hope to welcome you to The Real Gratitude Run community soon!


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