12 July 2020 - The Crossing Church 9AM Meeting

Sun Jul 12, 09:00 - Sun Jul 12, 11:00
The Crossing Church


9AM Meeting on the 12th July 2020

Ticket to attend an in-person meeting at The Crossing Church on the 12th July 2020, starting at 09:00AM. 

IMPORTANT INFORMATION to consider prior to registering for tickets. 

1. By registering to attend this meeting, you confirm that you are not showing any COVID-19 symptoms and agree to adhere to the health and safety protocols listed below. 

2. Currently NO kids under the age of 12 are allowed at the church.

3. Folk over the age of 60 are discouraged to attend public gathering’s at this stage. 

4. ONE PERSON per registration. 

5. NO entry to our church facility is valid without prior registration.

6. Tickets are only valid for the date of the meeting found on the ticket.

Safety Protocols - Attending Onsite Meeting’s: 

- Once we have received your registration, you will receive a link to our online C-19 questionnaire, which we require prior to arriving onsite. 

- Arrive onsite wearing a cloth face-mask. 

- Present your completed online form at the front door & your temperature will be measured so that you can complete and submit your form in order to enter the facility. 

- Comply to all social distancing regulations within the facility. 

- Sanitise your hands regularly whilst onsite. 

Note: Should you show any of the symptoms indicated in the questionnaire, please seek medical advice immediately and let your Life Group leader know. 

We look forward to hosting you in person! Be safe, be responsible, trust Jesus!


12 July 2020 - The Crossing Church 9AM Meeting
The Crossing Church
107 Macgillivray Rd, Glenferness AH, Midrand, 2191
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