Tue Aug 11, 18:00 - Tue Sep 22, 18:00
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Reboot | Rethink | Reconnect

4 Mastermind Group Coaching Sessions

How happy are you with the direction that your life is going? 

Do you have clarity about what you want and where you're going?

Does your business need a 'creation and inspiration' injection?

Have you wandered off the path and find yourself distracted with the unimportant?

How would you like to 

·       set empowering goals in line with your passion, purpose and vision?

·       hold yourself accountable by making integrity your way of life?

·       remove obstacles that stand in your way to achieve your goals?

·       identify thoughts and patterns in life that are holding you back?

·       learn to shift your perspective and create the life you’d love to live?

If this sounds like just the thing you need,  we’ve created a cycle of 4 Group Coaching Sessions where you can focus on what is important for YOU and get yourself moving in the direction you want to move. Gaining traction and coming up with actionable steps to achieve your results. Our Consciousness Coaching® methodology is guaranteed to get you moving forward and create a life that you desire. 

In our sessions you will be able to:

·       RETHINK certain aspects of your life, your business and/or your relationships.

·       REBOOT yourself, to start again or adjust what needs adjusting with new passion.

·       RECONNECT to yourself, your purpose, others and your life.

Let us be your accountability partner.  It's not always easy doing this on your own. It is easy to go off track and to get consumed by "LIFE", and to then end up postponing the changes you so desperately want to make.

Our 4 Mastermind Group Coaching Sessions are designed to support you in all areas of your life. 

11 Aug | 25 Aug | 8 Sep | 22 Sep at 6pm (GMT+2)

We look forward to being part of your journey.

With kind regards and appreciation,

Jade Stacey Fedder and Sibylle Sharon

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