Resilient Women: Mastering your Personal Power

Fri Aug 7, 09:00 - Fri Aug 7, 13:00
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RESILIENT WOMEN: Mastering your Personal Power 

Powerful Tools to Bounce Back, Remain in Charge, Navigate Adversity and Challenges

How resilient we are, our ability to bounce back, have courage, foster creativity and build connection has a direct impact on our level of performance and ability to reach our potential. We know that emotional drain, emotional exhaustion or fatigue can compound to reducemotivation and confidence and inhibit the abilityto bounce back and thrive. There is not doubt the pandemic affected all of us emotionally, however research indicate that women were more impacted by the pandemic as many are front line workers, abuse increased during the crisis and responsibilities also increased (i.e domestic work, homeschooling etc). Building resilience can be a huge asset for women. 

Resilient Women: Mastering your Personal Power 

During this session, participants will gain perspective on key areas such as:

  • Break glass ceilings by understanding the challenge of conditioning: Gender stereotypes and how they affect your performance in life and at work
  • Discover resilience patterns established in childhood and how you may update them
  • Learn how to overcome trauma –physical, emotional psychological 
  • Discover how to self-motivate and lose the victim mentality 
  • Understand core self evaluations and their impact personal and work performance 
  • Managing negative emotions and increasing positive emotions 
  • Learn to listen to your inner self and align with with personal strengths 

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