Blankets, Clothing and Food Parcels for Driftsands Residents Rendered Homeless


On Sunday 21st June 2020, 13 shacks in Driftsands, Mfuleni, were destroyed by law enforcement without an eviction notice. 30 people (including 9 children) lost their homes and all their belongings - as clothing, food, fridges, TVs and furniture were destroyed. This is a disaster for these families, especially in the middle of winter with little to keep themselves warm.

ObsCAN, in partnership with MfuleniCAN, wants to help these families get back on their feet.

  • the most immediate need is blankets, the first R3000 raised will be used to buy a blanket per person
  • additional money raised will be used to buy economical food parcels (7kg of food for R90) for each family
  • second hand clothing donations are also being collected, please contact 0645186503 about how to donate (drop-off in Observatory)

Please extend a helping hand if you can, times are tough for everyone, but every little bit helps. Thank you for your generosity and compassion!

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