Suits & Sneakers presents: "Nobody puts Baby in the corner" with Nico Steyn

Thu Jul 9, 11:00 - Thu Jul 9, 12:30



Although it's been a long time coming, the world of digital meetings and webinars has exploded thanks to COVID. But this new world requires an entirely different skill set if you are to keep your audience's attention. You can't just digitise your old events, and hope for the best.

With this in mind, we have created this free webinar to teach you some of the most important lessons we've learned through setting up a video studio, and hosting many different webinars over the last few months. Nico Steyn joins Mark Sham as he shares his experiences as screenplay writer and TV & Film Producer/Director to help you reach better impact with your next online talk or webinar.

Here is a small example to think about. It is really hard for your audiences online to make eye contact with a speaker when their image is in a tiny little box at the bottom of an online presentation. Authenticity begins by making a connection, through eye contact and building empathy with viewers. In Hollywood and in the TV industry, everything revolves around getting audiences in and keeping them there.


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