Seed, by Tammy Fry (the virtual edition) - with Fry’s and Women's Health

Sat Aug 8, 10:00 - Sat Aug 8, 11:30


We’re thrilled to announce that the Seed Workshop is returning. But this time, we’re going virtual with Women’s Health!

Join Tammy Fry, Director of The Fry Family Food Co., plant-based nutrition leader, animal rights activist, athlete, international spokesperson, creator of The SEED Blog, named as one of the “Eight Women Who are Changing the World for Animals Through Food” from Female First UK, and mom-of-two.

Seed by Tammy Fry is all about making your transition to a plant-based life simple and easy. Get the low-down on vegan hacks, bust those all-too-common myths, learn how to meal plan for a family, get involved, and loads more. 

Seed in more yummy detail: 

- Principles of health and secrets to longevity

- The benefits of plant-based diets including increased immunity

- Meal planning for busy people and families, including time saving tips and a sneak peak at some meal ideas from Tammy’s upcoming cookbook

- Supplements - what you need and don’t need

- Gut health

- Wholefoods, the effects of pesticides and more

- An interactive Q+A. (Guests will be able to ask questions live, during the virtual event.)

- Recipe videos

- Goodie bags filled with gifts that will be delivered to you after the event (Goodie bags for South African Residents Only)

BONUS: Meeting amazing and inspiring like-minded people online!

Watch the video to get a sneak peek of what you can expect: (This event was live - the virtual event will be slightly different)

Great news! All South African residents attending the WH x Seed workshop with Tammy Fry will receive a goodie bag!

Make sure to fill in your day-time delivery details to receive your bag!


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