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Easter Peak Primary School is the oldest primary school in Manenberg, based in Venster Street. We are a No Fee, dual medium school servicing just short of 800 learners from Grades R to 7. We provide a sound, holistic education experience for our learners, many of whom exit the school and excell at various high schools and tertiary institutions.

We currently have 4 SGB employed teachers and security staff whose salaries we could previously fund by hosting various community based fundraising activities throughout the year. Due to adherence to the lockdown, we have been unable to bring in an income to support these salaries.

We would like to appeal to you, the wider community, to assist us with your financial support where possible. We need to financially remunerate our hardworking staff, who have tirelessly shown their commitment and dedication throughout this difficult period faced by all school staff. Their dedication to the school and their learners is admirable, however we simply do not have the funds to continue paying them even a fraction of their salaries.

Please spread this message to all your contacts, and donate if your are within the means to do so.


Teacher Syce

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