A Stanley Grootboom Live Art Demonstration

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20% of the proceeds of this event will be donated to the development of the N/uu language. An endangered Native South African language, with only two speakers left in the world.

In the tall green forests of the Tsitsikamma are hidden villages where foresters used to roam. You first notice the beautiful Indigenous forest with it's shy species such as narina trogons, forest buzzards and the famed, Knysna turacos. In this largest continued example of afromontane area in South Africa, not only will you find one of the most fertile examples of varieties within the Cape floral kingdom, but tis also home to talented and prolific Artist, aptly named, Grootboom.

Grootboom was born in Coldstream, Tsitsikamma on 4 August 1974, matriculated at Knysna Secondary School. He returned to his ancestral village where he has been a community activist and played a pivotal role in the establishment of the Tsitsikamma Khoisan Village. Grootboom holds several diplomas (business management and computer literacy) qualifications achieved cum laude. He obtained his diploma in art from the Home study College (Paris ABC School of Art) and student of law. Grootboom has worked for the Eastern Cape Department of Sport, Recreation, Arts and Culture as a Principal Cultural Officer and Art Centre Manager.

With a mind as fertile as the area in which he lives, he has been recording the people and Vanishing Villages of the region on canvas, board and mixed media. The forestry Villages are changing, some are abandoned, in others the historic houses fall into ruin or are torn down. The destructive epidemic not only erodes the historical character of small communities, tearing social fabric and transforming Villages, but results in the loss of historic architecture. He feels very acutely the loss of culture and community and of memories. Preserving the fragility of the Villages and how there dissapearances will drastically alter the Country's character is foremost in Grootboom's mind. Unlike many Artists, who depict derelict buildings and desolate landscapes, Grootboom's inspiration is the living Village, it's people and the surrounding landscape. He has artworks in private collections the world over and had exhibitions on the World Cruiser, at the International Booknesses Colloquium (Fada Gallery) and Northwest University Art Gallery to mention a few. An academic article on his work appeared in the South African Journal of Art History of 2014. Grootboom was invited (and attended) by Rhodes University to attend and partake in a project called "Art as a tool for Social Justice". He was also invited to attend the International Art Teachers Conference in Brisbane, Australia. His work appeared on National Television and in top magazines such as Brand South Africa. His name appears on the Roll of Honour at point of Human Origins in recognition of his Interest and valued contribution to the conservation of humanities heritage at Point of Human Origins. He is the founder and owner of Tsitsikamma Khoisan Experience and Tour, the Stanley Grootboom Art Gallery and Art School.

Stanley’s art is inspiring; his home studio has been a treasure house of unshown works. Now, as a tribute to this determined and prolific man, the Koena Art Institute is one of the art organisations to curate a Live Online Art demonstration, where Stanley will create an artwork right in front of you, in his studio to enjoy in the comfort of your home. A glimpse into his world and how he creates his sought after Artworks.

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