What's The Future #5 - Mark Sham: Jab, Jab, Jab, RIGHT HOOK!

Thu Jun 25, 12:00 - Thu Jun 25, 13:30



Amazon Web Services (AWS), Torque IT, and Suits & Sneakers have partnered together to create a FREE webinar series called "What's The Future".

Thanks to COVID-19, economies around the world have been turned upside down and we wanted to do something to help businesses navigate these uncertain times. With this in mind, we decided to create a five-part webinar series (one episode each week) where we gather five influential speakers to focus on a different theme each week.


Mark Sham is passionate entrepreneur, author, and speaker thrives on helping people become better versions of themselves. Mark runs a much loved social enterprise called Suits & Sneakers that focuses on changing the way people learn and educate themselves.

The title of Mark's webinar is “Jab, Jab, Jab, RIGHT HOOK: Replace Marketing with Value"

The world of marketing has been changing for quite some time, but you wouldn't say so based on the marketing strategies of most corporate companies. These days, most companies don't make money because of their marketing, but rather in spite of it. And now with COVID in play, customers are looking for value more than ever. With this in mind, companies have to learn to play the long game, and give value before they try make a sale. This keynote is all about showing you (not telling), how to do just that!


Before founding Suits & Sneakers, Mark owned a digital marketing agency called Vivid Engage. He has been lecturing on the topic of digital marketing since 2010, and has had over 5,000 people attend his 1-day digital marketing workshop during this time. The irony is that Mark has never even completed his Grade 12 certification, and everything he has learned has been self-taught through the internet. This is the very reason he started Suits & Sneakers. He wanted to help the world understand how you can use informal education to hack the system of value creation!

Suits & Sneakers has built a free online university that is used by thousands of people around South Africa. Suits & Sneakers has also partnered with Synrgise to create a learning management system that is used by almost one million people in South Africa. And lastly, Suits & Sneakers has partnered with Christel House to provide quality education to young people who need it the most but can’t afford it.

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