ATK Overwatch League Stage 2

Mon Jun 29, 16:00 - Mon Jul 27, 16:00

Tournament Info and Timeline

• League Stage 1 

18/05/2020 - 14/06/2020

Round Robin league format stage - new registrations start in the lowest league tier. Determines promotion and relegation for stage 2.


• League Stage 2 

29/06/2020 - 27/07/2020

Round Robin league format stage - new registrations start in the lowest league tier. This Leg also determines seeding for finals.


• LAN Finals Tournament 

Date: Final date TBC

Location: Johannesburg

LAN Final - no exclusion criteria, but seeding will determine group stage opponents.


Rule Set:

Registration Process


Step 1:

Use Quicket link to purchase a team ticket (R600 per team)


Step 2:

After payments has been confirmed:

- Sign up to ( make sure all team members sign up.

-Team captain creates a team on Challonge (

-Team captain sends the newly created team link to admin ThePeachZA (discord:ThePeachZA#5996)

Once links has been sent, team will be registered into tournament bracket. 

Step 3:

Roster Submission:

- Fill in Roster Submission form to submit your roster (before 27/06/2020)



• R600 is a once off payment to enter a team into tournament, which includes Calibration Tournament, League Stage 1 & League Stage 2, as well as registration into the LAN Finals.

A venue fee may apply to LAN Finals depending on location.


• Finalized rosters must be submitted to an administrator before 27/05/2020.





• Teams will be randomly sorted into groups for the Calibration Tournament.

• Platform: PC

• Matches will be played weekly with a weekly deadline on Sunday 8pm

 Teams who are chosen for a casted game will be contacted to play on Thursdays or Sundays from 8pm/8:30pm SAST


Prize Pool

R50 000


Prize Distribution:





For any queries, assistance in signing up, concerns, or suggestions, please join our discord server here to speak to the tournament admins:


Overwatch Tournament Rules


  • Introduction


    The following rules are tailored to the Overwatch® Tournament powered by ATK.


    These Overwatch Official Rules (the “Official Rules”) form a contract between all Teams and Players (“Participants”), These Official Rules establish the general rules of tournament play, including rules governing player eligibility, tournament structure, points structure, prize awards, and player conduct. These Official Rules also contain limitations of liability, license grants, and other legally binding contractual terms. Each Participant is required to read,

    understand, and agree to these Official Rules before participating in this Overwatch Tournament powered by ATK Arena.


    Changes to and Enforcement of these Rules. The field of professional esports competitions is still relatively new and changing rapidly, and these Official Rules will evolve in real time to keep pace with those changes. Accordingly, in its sole discretion, ATK Arena may update, amend or supplement these Official Rules from time to time; and (b) may interpret or apply these Official Rules by releasing bulletins, notices, explanatory videos, online postings, e-mail and/or other electronic communications that provide instructions and guidance to Participants. Any material changes to these Official Rules will be provided to the Participants prior to the tournament in which the changed rules will apply. Participation in the Overwatch Tournament powered by ATK will constitute acceptance of the changed rules.

  • Players


    2.1    Eligibility

    To be able to compete as a “Player” in Overwatch Tournament powered
        by ATK you must:

    2.1.1     be in good standing with respect to any Battle.Net accounts registered in your name,
        with no undisclosed violations of the Blizzard End User License Agreement;

    2.1.2     be over the age of thirteen prior to the date of the first day of competition

    2.1.3    if, prior to the date of the first day of competition, you are under the age of 13, you
        must have written permission from a parent or guardian;

    2.1.4     not be on the Roster of more than one Team at the same time;

    2.1.5     agree to be bound by these Official Rules;

    2.2     General Eligibility

    2.2.1     Player names. Players must use an acceptable name in the Overwatch Tournament.
        Name on must match the player Battlenet (IGN) name.

    2.2.2     Tournament Administration reserves the right to revoke the eligibility
        of any Player whose Battletag is offensive, toxic, or is deemed to be inappropriate or
        unacceptable by Tournament Administration, to be determined in the sole discretion
        of the Tournament Administration.

    2.2.3     Player names must comply with these Rules.

    2.3     Player Streaming

    2.3.1     Players who are competing in the Overwatch Tournament powered by ATK match
        can stream their own gameplay with at least a 3-minute delay.

    2.4     Player Rules

    2.4.1     Players can only compete on one team at a time.

    2.5    International Players

    2.5.1    ONE International allowed to play per team.

    2.5.2     Team is allowed to have more than one international player registered on, but only 1 international is allowed to be fielded in a roster of 6

    2.5.3     International players are encouraged to play with VPN but it will not be enforced.

    2.5.4     The International player must be able to attend the LAN finals. 


  • Teams


    3.1     Team Registration

    3.1.1     Regular Season    Teams must have at least 6 “Active” Players on their team roster before Team
        Registration closes.    Captains will be given a time frame where they can add/remove players from their
        roster before Stage 1, Stage 2 and the LAN finals.

    3.2     Team Captain

    Teams must designate a Team Captain before the beginning of the season. The Team Captain will be a primary contact for communication with administrators. Captains will be the primary contact for all prizing.

    3.2.1     Captains oversee team rosters and are permitted to add or remove players from their
        team. Players do not have power to make roster changes without the Captain’s

    3.3     Roster Requirements

    3.3.1     Active Players. Each team must maintain a roster of 6 to 9 Active Players    It is the responsibility of both teams to check player eligibility before the start of play.
        Teams who play with ineligible rosters may receive penalty pending Tournament
        Administrator ruling. If you are unsure of player eligibility before a match starts,
        request administrator support before playing your match.    Teams can substitute registered Players between maps. No substitutions may be
        made between stages of control maps.

    3.3.3     Team Staff: Coaches, Management

    3.4     Team Name

    Team Names must be approved by ATK Arena administrators. Team Names may be
        denied at any time that may not reflect the professional standards of the Overwatch
        Tournament powered by ATK. Effected teams will be required to submit and play
        under another approved name.

  • Prizing


    4.1     Team Prizing

    Prizes will be awarded to players based on final team tournament ranking.

    The prizes below will be paid out to the captain of the teams and they have to pay the prize money to the players within their teams.

    Prize Distribution:

    1st place: R25000

    2nd place: R12000


    3rd place: R8000

    4th place: R5000


  • Structure and Schedule


    5.1     Format

    5.1.1    Teams will play a best-of-5 maps match in the Overwatch Tournament powered by

    5.1.2    Teams will be given a certain time to play certain teams. Captains will communicate   
        with each other what time and date they want to play but it must be within before
        end-date given. Each week will have a deadline, and a game may be played
        anywhere before the deadline (ie. a game from week 4 may be played in the 1st
        week, but not vice versa).

    5.2     Maps

    5.2.1     Rotation. Each match will include the following game modes, in this order:
        Control / Hybrid / Assault / Escort / Control

    5.2.2     Selection    Stage 1 & Stage 2 -Higher seeded team picks the first map and hosts the tournament
        lobby. The other team picks the side (attack/defend).    The losing team from each map will pick the subsequent map. The winning team
        from each map will pick which side they play on the subsequent map. Maps are removed from the available pool after being played in the match.

    5.2.3     Available Map Pool. The following maps can be selected:

    Control – Busan / Oasis / Ilios

    Escort – Havana / Rialto / Dorado

    Assault – Hanamura / Temple of Anubis / Volskaya Industries

    Hybrid – Kings Row / Eichenwalde / Numbani

    Control (5th  map) – Losing team from map 4 picks from the 2 remaining available Note that the 5th map, if needed, will be played on the last remaining Control map

    5.2.4    Draws. If any individual map ends in a draw, a tiebreaker map will be played
        immediately. The winning team from the previous map picks which side they play on. First tiebreaker map to be played, if needed: Lijiang Tower (best-of-3 stages)
        Second tiebreaker map to be played, if needed: Oasis (best-of-3 stages)

    5.3     Heroes

    5.3.1     Heroes disabled in competitive play in Overwatch (excluding the hero pool) may not 
        be used in any games. This refers to heroes that are just released and any heroes
        Blizzard deem unsuitable to use in comp due to major bugs or glitches

    5.3.2     Hero Pool will be updated weekly (in line with OWL hero bans).

    Hero Pools will be announced on:
        – COWZA (Competitive Overwatch South Africa);
        – Official ATK Discord; and

    5.4     Byes, Forfeits, Scheduling and Results

    5.4.1     Byes. Byes will be awarded randomly to the lowest ranked team(s) based on Match
        Record. Byes count as 3-0 match wins.

    5.4.2     Forfeits & No-Shows. Teams who forfeit their match will receive a 0-3 match loss.
        Teams who receive forfeit wins will receive a 3-0 match win. Automatic Forfeiture. Teams who miss two matches in a row will be removed from
        the tournament unless they contact tournament administrators to opt-in.

    5.4.3     Match Scheduling. Matches will be played weekly on either Thursdays or Sundays      from 8pm/8:30pm SAST. (Check Challonge to see on which day your team will play)    Rescheduling. Teams can discuss moving match dates & times with tournament admins.

    5.4.4     Results. Any disputes can be reported to the Overwatch Tournament admins, in the
        #Admin Help text channel in COWZA discord server, under the ATK Tournament
        category. Screenshots/video evidence for dispute must be provided by both teams. If
        this evidence is not available, it will result in default ruling.    Alert administrators before start-of-play for all roster and game settings disputes.
        Contacting administrators after a game has already been agreed upon and played by
        both teams may result in staying as the game of record, regardless of correct or
        incorrect game settings, at the tournament administrators’ discretion.

  • Matches and Settings


    6.1     Delay of Match Start

    Players must start within 10 minutes of the assigned match time unless a dispute to
        an administrator has been made. Delays must be reported in the #Admin Help text
        channel in COWZA discord server, under the ATK Tournament category.

    6.2     Match Reporting

    Team Captains must report the results of the match, including map wins, on

    6.3     Patch

    All matches will be played on the most up-to-date live server Overwatch patch.

    6.4     Game Creation and Settings

    6.4.1     Team Responsibilities    Map selection, host, and side selection rules are listed above in “Available Map
        Pool.” Team captains will be responsible for inviting the remaining members of their team.

    6.5     Custom Match Settings

    6.5.1     Presets: Competitive

    6.5.2    Modes, All: Kill Cam Disabled

    6.5.3    Modes, All: Skins Disabled

    6.5.4     Modes, All: Game Mode Start – Manual

    6.5.5     Lobby: Spectators (as agreed between two teams prior to match)

    6.5.6     Heroes, Hero Roster: Disable any heroes not currently available in Competitive Play

    6.5.7    Heroes Rotation: Disable heroes that are in rotation

    6.6    Server

    6.6.1     “Invite Only” must be selected within the Custom Game Lobby.    Failure for the hosting team to select “Invite Only” may result in forfeiture of map at
        the tournament administrators’ discretion.

    6.6.2     Server Host    Games must be played on a Game Server within the Europe region    Teams are permitted to use the following instructions to help select Game Server

    1) Create a Custom Lobby with the “Custom Match Settings” listed in 6.5.1.

    2) Click “Start.” The map will load and automatically connect to the server closest to the Host.

    3) Invite all other players to the game.

    4) When both teams are ready, the host must select “Start Game Mode.”



  • In-Game Rules


    7.1    Pauses

    7.1.1     15 minutes of pause time total for emergency DCs, captains have the option to use
        registered substitutes. ATK Admin in its sole discretion may authorize an additional
        amount of pause time in extraordinary circumstances.

    7.1.2     Pauses are only for emergencies such as player disconnects, hardware failure, and
        internet connection issues.

    7.1.3     Lobby Hosts must pause the game immediately after requested by any player in the

    server, within reason.

    7.1.4     Games must start within 10 minutes of the scheduled time. Delays may result in
        penalties at the Tournament Administrations’ discretion.

    7.1.5     Pauses used to contact tournament administrators for disputes will not be counted
        against the time bank.

    7.1.6    After the time bank is up, teams must forfeit or continue play, unless there is a\

    dispute being sent to tournament administrators.

    7.2     Game Restart

    In case of a server crash or other unforeseen circumstances, a tournament
        administrator may assess a game restart, which will be communicated to each Team
        Captain. Examples may include, but are not limited to:

    7.2.1     Incorrect game settings.

    7.2.2     Server crash.

  • Spectators


    8.1    Spectators are allowed if both teams agree to it. Preferably to be discussed in
        advance of the game. Opposing team can't dictate the nature of spectators.

    8.1.1     Tournament staff and administrators are permitted to join and spectate at any time.

    8.1.2     Spectator Streaming is Not allowed, unless it is official casters.

  • Technical Issues


    9.1     Teams are responsible for any of their own technical issues, including hardware,
        software, or internet issues. Matches are to be continued as normal if these issues
        arise. Pause time can be used, but no additional pause time for technical issues will
        be awarded.

  • Player Conduct


    10.1     Competition Conduct

    10.1.1     Reporting Disruptive Behavior. Players and teams are responsible for reporting any\

    misconduct, unsportsmanlike behavior, cheating, or other disruptive behavior to the
        tournament administrators.

    10.1.2    Competitive Integrity. Teams are expected to play at their best at all points during any
        Event game and will maintain behaviors consistent with the principles of good
        sportsmanship, honesty, and fair play. Unfair conduct includes but is not limited to
        Collusion, Hacking, Exploiting, Ringing, Intentional disconnection, or other cheating
        methods. Tournament administrators maintain the sole right in judgement for
        violations of these rules and standards of integrity for competitive play.

    10.1.3    Profanity and Hate Speech. A player may not use language that is obscene, foul,
        vulgar, insulting, threatening, abusive, libelous, slanderous, or otherwise offensive or
        objectionable. Likewise, players may not promote or incite hatred or discriminatory
        conduct during the Event.

    10.1.4    Disruptive Behavior. Players may not take any action or perform any gesture directed
        at another player, event official, fan, or any other party or incite others to do the same
        which is abusive, insulting, mocking, or disruptive.

    10.1.5    Non-Compliance. No Team Member may refuse or fail to apply the reasonable
        instructions or decisions of event officials.

    10.2    Subjection to Penalty. 

    Any person found to have engaged in any act which the
        tournament administrator believes breaks any of the rules in this document or does
        not align with the spirit of these rules, in the sole discretion of the tournament
        administrator, will be subject to penalty. The nature and extent of the penalties
        imposed will be at the sole discretion of the tournament administrators.

    10.2.1    Penalties. The following are a list of penalties which may be incurred for any
        violation. Verbal Warning(s) Loss of Side Selection for Current or Future Game(s) Prize Forfeiture(s) Map Forfeiture(s) Match Forfeiture(s) Suspension(s) Disqualification(s)


  • Official Rules Updates


    11.1     The field of professional esports competitions is still relatively new and changing
        Rapidly, and these Official Rules will evolve in real time to keep pace with those

  • Limitations of Liability and General Release


    12.1     As a condition to being allowed to participate in this Overwatch Tournament and to
        the greatest extent permitted by the applicable laws and regulations, each Participant
        agrees to release and hold harmless ATK Arena and its parents, subsidiaries, and
        affiliates, and each of their respective officers, directors, employees and other
        representatives from any liability whatsoever, and waive any and all causes of action,
        related to any claims, costs, injuries, losses, or damages of any kind arising out of or
        in connection with their participation in the Overwatch Tournament or delivery,
        misdelivery, acceptance, possession, use of or inability to use any prize (including,
        without limitation, claims, costs, injuries, losses and damages related to personal
        injuries, death, damage to or destruction of property, rights of publicity or privacy,
        defamation or portrayal in a false light, whether intentional or unintentional), whether
        under a theory of contract, tort (including negligence), warranty or other theory.





    12.3     To the fullest extent permitted by applicable law, each Participant acknowledges that
        he/she is aware of the risks, dangers and hazards associated with esports
        competitions and he/she freely accepts and fully assumes all such risks, dangers and
        hazards and the possibility of personal injury,

    death, property damage or loss resulting from his/her participation in such activities.


    12.4     Participants acknowledge and agree that ATK Aerna are not insurers of Participants’
        property or personal safety. If a Participant feels the need for insurance, such
        Participants should obtain it from a third party.

  • Grant of Rights


    13.1    By agreeing to these Official Rules and participating in the Overwatch Tournament
        powered by ATK, each Participant hereby grants to ATK Arena and its parents,
        subsidiaries and affiliates a perpetual, royalty-free, fully paid-up,

    worldwide, right and license (with the right to grant sublicenses) to copy, display, distribute, edit, host, store and otherwise use the Participant’s name, logos, trade or service marks, copyrighted material, nickname, BattleTag (or replacement tags), logo, initials, likeness, image, photograph, animation, avatar, autograph, voice, video or film portrayal, public persona, game play data and

    statistics, biographical information, backstory and any streams of the Overwatch game or streams, Inc. video game in which the Participant participates and create derivative works thereof, in any and all present and future media whether

    now known or hereafter created, on any and all platforms and via any method of delivery, on or in connection with and any ATK Arena event (whether in full or in part and whether on a live or delayed basis and all or any part of such event) and the broadcast, streaming, webcast or other distribution of any audio visual, visual and/or audio coverage of any of the foregoing; the marketing and promotion of ATK Arena in general.


    13.2     Advertising and Commercial Materials. The grant of rights and licenses in Section
        13.1 includes, but is not limited to, the perpetual, royalty-free, fully paid-up, worldwide
        right and license (but not the obligation) of ATK Arena (and its sublicensees) to copy,
        display, distribute, edit, host, store and

    otherwise use the Participant Materials and the Licensed Materials, and create
        derivative works thereof.


    13.3     By agreeing to these Official Rules, each Participant hereby waives, and agrees not
        to assert, any (a) rights of prior review and/or approval of any of the Licensed
        Materials or Advertising or Commercial Materials, and (b) moral or other equivalent
        rights (if any) to which he/she is or may become entitled under Applicable Law in
        relation to the Licensed Materials, Advertising and Commercial Materials, or to
        his/her participation in ATK Arena events. Nothing in these Official Rules requires
        ATK Arena to make use of any of the rights or licenses granted herein.


    How to record Match Scores on

  • Group Stage: Ensure that you are viewing the “Matches” tab
    Brackets: Locate your bracket in the week that you want to report scores
    Select the highlighted icon in the image below. 

  • Clicking that will bring up the Report Scores dialogue. Record each teams’ score and verify which team won, and select “Submit Scores


    Note that Admins will be verifying scores as well, to ensure that minimal mistakes occur

    • Calibration Tournament -- 01/04/2020 - 10/05/2020 - Concluded


    A groups into bracket tournament to divide teams into divisions for the upcoming league stages.

    Determines stage 1 placing.


    • League Stage 1 -- 18/05/2020 - 14/06/2020 - Concluded


    Round Robin league format stage - new registrations start in the lowest league tier.

    Determines promotion and relegation for stage 2. 


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