Silver Mountain Foundation-Get rural communities back to work


We are a non-profit foundation that is committed to assisting rural communities to get back on their feet. We are dedicating your donations to the many small businesses that are struggling to get back to work safely. Many of them need thermometers, masks, face shields and disinfectants. After many weeks without work, few businesses can afford these items. In some cases, government regulations are preventing them from working without the correct measures in place. 

Let's help people get back to work safely.

Your contribution will make a difference.

For an example:

One face visor is R45 and most businesses need at least 12

A thermometer is about R1500 each (with charger and rechargable batteries)

A locally made cloth mask (made by unemployed woman) R40 each and most businesses need at least 24

5 litre eco friendly sanitizer R150

Over R3000 for 1 small team to even have a chance to go back to work

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