Masterclass: Validating contemporary art from Africa

Thu Jul 30, 17:30 - Thu Jul 30, 19:45


How do you identify which contemporary artists are worth collecting in the primary art market and which of them have made a significant contribution to the African art discourse? 

This masterclass looks at what external factors (beyond the substance of an artist's practice) determine the value of artists' works and their status, position in the art ecosystem. As such a survey of some of tastemakers - collectors, curators, galleries - that have had an impact on African artists's trajectory will feature. 

A close study of some African artists who have consistently been validated according to The Top 50 Artists & Top 20 Curators who Validated them, will also be included. 

How the Covid-19 pandemic will impact on the validation 'cycle' patterns that have so far informed the African art market will be addressed in the conclusion. 

This masterclass will be delivered in a webinar format on Zoom. Places are limited so that there is time to answer questions and to have a discussion at the end.

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