Ayurvedic Masterclass - Boosting Your Immune System

Mon Jun 15, 08:00 - Mon Sep 27, 11:00



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In this masterclass you will learn the basics of how to balance the vata dosha, foods to boost the immune system, nutritional guidelines for the whole family, 4 powerful ayurvedic practices (with 35 amazing benefits), and also receive two amazing recipes to keep your health and immunity up from today

Welcome - A bite-sized masterclass in Ayurvedic immune boosting for the change of seasons!

Ayurveda approaches life from many angles – nutritional, physical, psychological, social, spiritual, environmental, and more. In this tutorial we have touched on some of the simple and basic tools available to you to re-ignite your passion for the Science of Life.

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Please keep your eyes open for more exiting content coming up soon – seasonal recipes, remedies, nutritional gems, and health hacks for the whole family.


We appreciate you, and thank you for promoting positive, life-affirming choices on our planet.

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