Forgiveness Masterclass

Thu Jul 23, 18:00 - Thu Jul 23, 19:30
Zoom (link will be sent out upon registration and payment)


How do you make the decision to forgive?


Join us for our Masterclass on Forgiveness!


Forgiving is not a reaction, but an ACTION based on making the decision to forgive.  It starts with the decision to let go of circumstances that have kept you in past experiences. Circumstances that have possibly kept you feeling like a victim.  Once you decide to forgive, forgiveness then happens by insight.


“To the degree, you attract unwanted things you have not forgiven yourself and/or others.”

Marc Steinberg, founder of Creative Consciousness International


Would you like to be free from these experiences?

Maybe you want to forgive, but you’re not quite sure how?

Do you want to learn the benefits of forgiving?


Then join us as we explore:


•    Making the choice to forgive

•    Forgiving yourself 

•    Forgiving another

•    Three most difficult words for a human being to say

•    Compassion


Deep-seated pain and suffering can be crippling to you and your environment because our internal state impacts our external environment. As long as we hold onto past experiences because we cannot or do not want to forgive, we’re ultimately causing our own pain and suffering.


In this masterclass, we will support you in taking the step into forgiveness and share with you our tool to support the process. Free yourself to live the rest of your life unhindered by past pains, resentments, anger, and sadness.


We look forward to meeting you on the 23rd July 2020 at 6pm (GMT +2)


To book your spot, click on this link or email [email protected] We have two ticket options available: R450 Masterclass online, R 1250 Masterclass PLUS one 60min one on one coaching session.


Jade & Sibylle


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