TEDxCapeTown 2015 - (Open [Access) Control]

Sat Aug 15, 08:00 - Sun Aug 16, 14:00
Cape Town City Hall


The balance between freedom and control is a constant tug of war. In all areas of our lives - personal and professional, spiritual and practical, as individuals and as groups - we experience an ongoing tussle regarding whether and where boundaries should be drawn. This year, TEDxCapeTown's main event brings speakers and audience members together to explore the paradox "Open Access Control" in different contexts.

2015 marks the 5th year of TEDxCapeTown, which for the team and the community highlights five years of a fascinating journey. We have navigated our way through ups and downs and with retrospection have uncovered common threads that embody our journey, and TEDx as a movement. We have embraced the challenge that putting TEDxCapeTown together each year brings, almost as strongly as we have embraced the community that supports it. We too have experienced the daily dichotomies between openness, access and control that creep in when being part of any endeavour. Sometimes, we work within the parameters and sometimes we challenge them.

Date: Saturday, 15 August  

Time: 8:30m – 5pm

Place: Cape Town City Hall

Ticket Price: R380

Learn more about the speakers: Click here


Time: 08:30 - 17h30

Session 1: When I'm feeling adventurous

  • Kyle Louw: Roses, Violets, Preconceptions ... Poetry
  • Ian Mccallum: Poetry and Nature: Voice For The Voiceless
  • Braam Malherbe: #D.O.T. - Do One Thing
  • Heather Tuffin: Less than ideal
  • Surprise performance
Session 2: I simply imagine
  • Surprise performance 
  • Sizwe Mxobo: Why do we have to move out?
  • Marlene Wasserman: Cyber Infidelity
  • Myrna Lewis: Mining the gold of conflict
  • Marek Dziembowski: Chasing the eclipse
Session 3: New Ideas
  • Surprise performance 3
  • Jill Farrant: Food Security from resurrection plants
  • Adriana Marais: My one-way ticket to Mars
  • Surprise performance 4
  • Kelsey Wiens: Open: Designing for Trust
Session 4: & endless possibilities
  • Myrtle Clarke & Jules Stobbs: Ordinary Criminals
  • Vinny Lingham: The future of bitcoin
  • Surprise performance 5
*Schedule of line-up subject to change

Afterparty: 17h30 - 22:00


Time: 08:30 - 13:00

WORKSHOP 1 - 09:00 - 11:00

A workshop on how to recognise resistance and 'terrorist' activity in both groups and your personal life. This highly experiential course will have you practicing and deeply integrating the tenets of Deep Democracy.

WORKSHOP 2 - 09:00 - 11:00

Super inspired and wondering what’s next? We hold events and activations throughout the year and offer a great platform to get involved with engaging topics and purposeful people. Our Sunday workshop will cover details on how you can get involved, or offer you the chance to sure your ideas with the team!

WORKSHOP 3 - 11:30 - 13:00

Want to explore opening up your business? Looking for opportunities to share content but want to preserve your income stream? Join us for a 90min quick workshop to discuss and explore open business models.

WORKSHOP 4 - 11:30 - 13:00

Why will automated helplines be axed in favor of services manned by real human beings? How can “nearables” and “hearables” help to make our smart phones even smarter and more powerful? What can Uber or Airbnb teach the business world about digital disruption going physical?
These are just some of the questions asked – and answered – in Fjord’s Annual Trends report 2015 which seeks to highlight the impact of digital on the real world and explore how this will shape both consumer expectations and service design over the coming year. In true Fjord fashion we have sought insight and inspiration from experts within Fjord and Accenture, and we have distilled the thinking into nine core ideas. These include why Asian start-ups are breaking down the boundaries between traditional service categories to mash instant messaging with banking and shopping. And why the rise of emotional interfaces means that businesses will need to evolve their digital personalities.


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TEDxCapeTown 2015 - (Open [Access) Control]
Cape Town City Hall
Darling, South Africa
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