How not to f*ck up on social media - a webinar by Emma Sadleir

Fri Jun 5, 10:00 - Fri Jun 5, 12:00


In this webinar, leading social media law expert Emma Sadleir discusses, everything any working professional needs to know about the legal, reputational and disciplinary risks of social media including:

  • How to avoid getting sued, getting fired or going to jail
  • Legal considerations of using social media, including defamation, privacy, hate speech, crimen injuria and intellectual property;   
  • Employment law issues
  • The social media landscape in South Africa;     
  • Straddling the personal/professional divide
  • Personal reputation management
  • Managing brand reputation on social media;   
  • Fake news criminal offences
  • Naming and shaming online
  • WhatsApp admin liability
  • Sexting
  • Tech addiction
  • Business confidentiality in a world of over sharing    
  • Confidentiality and insider trading risks/offences;    

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