Blockchain Executive Training

Tue Jun 2, 09:00 - Thu Jun 4, 11:30


Blockchain technology is rapidly gaining traction, but the majority of senior executives (63%) still don’t know what it is, according to a Global Blockchain Business Council survey reported in Cointelegraph

The most significant advantage of blockchains distributed ledger is reduced operational cost and streamlined efficiency which provides transparency, reliability and authenticity. Blockchain technology is undoubtedly here to stay and will change the face of business as we know it in the next few years. With our training and consulting, the Blockchain Academy prepares both the private and public sector for this disruption.

This course has a theoretical basis, but also includes discussions, tutorials and practicals to ensure each attendee attains an adequate knowledge base to make high-level decisions with regards to blockchain in their organisations.

Modules that will be covered are:

DAY 1 and DAY 2: 2 and 3 June 2020

Module 1: Blockchain: What and Why

  • The evolution of money
  • History of Bitcoin
  • How financial systems and banking works
  • Live Bitcoin transaction demo and analysis
  • Basics of blockchain technology

Module 2: Blockchain Deep Dive

  • Security and risks
  • Mining
  • Blockchain and real-world data
  • Decentralised trust, consensus and immutability
  • Demo: Recording a digital asset on the blockchain
  • Smart contracts
  • Permissioned vs. permissionless networks


Conceptualize your own use-case for blockchain within your organisation.

Prepare a 5-minute pitch for Day 3.

DAY 3: 4 June 2020

Module 3: Use-Cases

  • Time-stamping
  • Document provenance
  • Payments, remittances and financial inclusion
  • Insurance
  • Transparency, audit and fraud reduction
  • Digital assets and conveyancing
  • Health
  • Self-Sovereign Identity
  • Voting and Governance

Use-Case Presentations

Each participant will have time to present their use-case from Day 2.

The training facilitator and instructor will give feedback on the technical feasibility of each use-case.


Module 4: The Future

  • The internet of money
  • Decentralised Autonomous Organisations (DAOs)

Terms and Conditions:

No refunds or postponements are given to attendees who do not attend the course.

The Blockchain Academy reserves the right to cancel classes at any time prior to their commencement. If a class is cancelled, attendees will be advised by SMS and email no later than two days prior to its scheduled commencement date and a full refund is given back to you.

If you wish to cancel the training, you must provide us with written notification.

NO REFUNDS or transfers will be granted less than 10 days before class commencement if enrollment has been confirmed.


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