Mandisi Dyantyis - Umzabalazo "Songs Of Freedom"

Sat Jun 27, 19:00 - Fri Jul 3, 21:00


This is the first episode of Mandisi Dyantyis "Conversation Series" There will be five episodes that will feature over the next five month Conversation Series. In the honour of June 27th, Youth Day, Mandisi will discuss the part the youth played in the struggle and also pay homage to those who came before us. Songs Of Freedom, Songs Of Liberation and Songs Of Triumph will be performed in tribute to the who stood up against injustice and sacrificed themselves for the greater good.

These songs will be chosen from The Mandisi Dyantyis catalogue as well as other "Umzabalazo" songs. It will be streamed to your home at 4pm. Please note that this concert will not be available as a free Youtube screening after the event is over. It will possibly be available for a paid re-stream if there is a demand. 

Costs are R85 [per household] 

Mandisi Dyantyis [vocals and trumpet] Steve De Souza [double bass] Blake Hellaby [piano]

Here is a clip of our last show.

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