Masicorp presents Dr. Dean Allen | Lessons From History: The 1918 Spanish Flu Pandemic

Sun Jun 7, 18:00 - Sun Jun 7, 19:00


Masicorp is a development charity based in Cape Town, South Africa. Masicorp works for the people of Masiphumelele township, where we estimate more than 40,000 people live disadvantaged and poor by the legacy of apartheid. Since 1999, our work has made a proven difference to the lives of people in Masiphumelele. Our focus is education — the surest route out of poverty. Our projects cover pre-school to adult learners — we are partners in education for life. Masicorp aims to help Masiphumelele township residents to help themselves, by providing opportunities through education and social development initiatives.

At a time when our fundraising efforts have been affected by Covid-19, a series of online events have been created to support our cause. We are delighted to announce that Dr. Dean Allen the distinguished historian and author, will present an entertaining and informative live online talk in support of Masicorp. The talk will describe the lessons learnt from a pandemic that infected over a quarter of the world’s population with a death-toll as high as 100 million. The Spanish Flu pandemic of 1918-1920 remains the planet’s worst natural disaster. Dr. Allen’s engaging delivery will hold your attention as he brings to life the tragedy of those times while drawing valuable parallels with our current plight. This talk has been delivered to audiences around the globe and is not to be missed!


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