Creating Leaders for an Uncertain Future | Speaker: Nicole Badenhorst | Online Meeting

Thu Jun 4, 12:30 - Thu Jun 4, 13:30


There are huge challenges facing leaders today. Leading through uncertainty requires leaders to operate out of the comfort zone and requires greater emotional resilience than ever before. Nicole explores the challenges leaders face in uncertainty and the skills leaders need to lead in a brand new and evolving workplace. Join Nicole for a talk on the crucial leadership competencies and leadership styles needed to cope effectively with the impact of COVID-19 and what leadership will look like in the future. 

As an Organisational Psychologist, Nicole draws on her knowledge and experience within the field of Industrial Psychology, Social Psychology, Counselling Psychology and Human Resource Management to inspire, empower and develop people at work. She has used both qualitative and quantitative approaches to assess, diagnose, design, implement and monitor best practices and processes for individual, team and organisational effectiveness.

Join us for our Reconnect online talk on the 4th of June to learn more about Nicole and what she can teach us.

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4th June 2020


R110 / ticket


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