Lex's 72h Water Only Full Moon Fast Method

Wed Jun 3, 20:20 - Sat Jun 6, 20:20

NOTE: THE Ultimate New-Age YOU Project Awaits!


The Method:

1. Fast Preparation (Body, Mind & Spirit)

2. DIY Water Purification

3. Full Moon Cleanse Ritual (Affirmations, Mantras, Cleansing Ceremony)

4. Breath Work

5. Meditation (Moon Specific & Realignment)

6. 72h Assistance Access via Facebook Discussion Group

Pre-order: $5/R100

Standard Order: $10/R200

I am excited to see you all prosper and gain the power back in your own lives, no matter how bad it is right NOW. Commit to yourself & BE the change you want to see!

Gratitude, Health & Blessings to all!

Be Blessed. Stay Blessed,


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