Virtual Flower Workshop with Veld and Sea

Tue Jun 9, 15:00 - Tue Jun 9, 17:00


Join Roushanna Gray celebrating an afternoon filled with flowers. We will begin with flower crown creations, enjoy a talk on how to preserve, prepare and incorporate a selection of seasonal edible flowers into food and drink, followed by a cooking demo session.

Discover how to make:

  • Floral Flatbreads
  • 3 recipe ideas for Hibiscus flowers
  • Gluten free olive oil carrot cake with edible flower décor tips


A flower crown tutorial, Q and A sessions, informative flower info and demos, follow up edible flower notes, links and recipe PDF booklets.

Before the workshop, all participants will be sent a list of ingredients and equipment*, a Flower Power Spotify playlist, plus recipes for our signature Veld and Sea wild herbal rooibos chai tea and a calming chamomile cocktail – so you can choose to make tea or a tipple to enjoy with this experience!

*While this workshop is intended to be participatory from the comfort of your own home, if you do not have access to ingredients or items needed, you can also just follow along, enjoy the demos and then create them in your own time with the notes and recipes sent on afterwards.


R350 ($18)


+-2 hours


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